TRX Waterproof Dry Bag

AED 240.00AED 275.00

TRX 3 in 1 Telescopic Charging Cable

AED 67.00

TRX Travel Luggage Belt

AED 55.00

TRX Extra Load Carry Travel Hook

AED 44.00

Traveling is life to some people and those experiences stay with them forever. And
everybody wants to make those experiences pleasant, to remember them with only
happiness, and no trouble whatsoever. Now, there could be multiple factors to cause trouble
in a trip, from baggage issues to the inability to locate a charging point. Nobody would want
to spend a big amount on getting all the products and wishes to have everything in one

With everything that a person might wish or need for and during traveling, TRX launched its
travel accessories website. Here, with TRX, one will get everything that’s required for a
convenient trip anywhere- from solving luggage issues to providing electronic facilities, TRX
has it all under one single page.

For all the crazy water experiences that one might want to have in life, TRX presents its
collection of waterproof bags with a capacity of 20L and 25L that takes care of all your needs
indeed. A long trip can be planned to survive on these bags for all the sufficient stuff that you
may require. Most importantly, the bag will keep all your gears and luggage safe from water.
Plus, TRX also provides a luggage belt and hooks to make it easier to carry everything.
For all the charging needs you might encounter, a TRX travel adapter will ensure to cope up
with all of them. Be it your laptop or your phone it needs a charging socket; thus, an adapter
will come handy for all of them. Rather than carrying multiple cables and adapters for your
trip, take the TRX universal adapter and the 3 in 1 USB cable to make sure to have all the
travel accessories.

With the fast charging power bank by TRX, the fear for the battery to run out on the mobile
phone will not exist. Not just that, it changes soon, but it’s a fast-charging power bank itself
and requires some time to be of use again.
Hence, you’ve buy these long-life
accessories and enjoy convenience at its best with them. The source to charge all your
devices- universal adapter, the source to charge them with a single cable- fast charging
power bank, and all cables altogether- 3 in 1 USB cable. With the electronic needs satisfied,
these TRX travel bags can solve all your luggage woes too!